How To Drug Proof Your Kids

Community Course

This session provides key factors for parents and caregivers to help their young people be aware of pressure and dangers of drugs and alcohol in society. We explore how it impacts the community, why people use drugs and discuss resilience factors for young people.

Whilst the statistics surrounding alcohol ad drug abuse for young people are alarmingly high, there are significant resilient factors that can help and are presented through the workshop including:

Normative education (using positive peer pressure and perception to steer young people away from drug abuse)
Social skills and influences
Perceived versus real harm
Refusal skills
Protective factors

These are evidence-based strategies that are very effective in equipping young people to be resilient and make healthy, considered choices in terms of alcohol and drugs. This session does not not explore the how and what drugs are, but explores some the why's behind the issues.

Tuesday 15th August, 7:30PM
9 Western Avenue, Westmeadows 3049
Gold Coin Donation

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